Are you a boat owner?

As a boat owner, you know that even when you're not using your boat, it still costs  money.    Maintenance fees don't stop just because your boat is sitting at the dock. At the same time, there are lots of people who want to get a taste of life on the water and are ready to pay for such an experience. With boat accomodation rental, you as a boat owner can collect money on days when your boat would otherwise sit at the dock.

We provide a global platform for boat owners to list their boat holiday accommodation, with increasing exposure to international customers, thus simplifying the boat rental business.

We connect boat renters with boat owners worldwide.

Boat owners list their boats on a website. Potential renters browse boats of all types and sizes, and once they find something they want to rent, we put you in direct contact with renters. You can approve each renter on a case-by-case basis. Boat owners set their own price based on the market, as well as required deposits.
Boat Accommodation is free to join and has no monthly fees.

Why listing with us?


Make money with your boat - Rent your boat to fully offset the cost of ownership.