Traveller Questions

How can I book the boat?

If you wish to book a Boat, you must first register to create a Boat Accommodation Account.

How do I know when the booking has been confirmed?

Once you have sent a booking inquiry, a Boat Owner will be notified via email to accept or decline your booking request within 96 hours.

When I will be required to pay the Rental fee?

Once the Boat Owner accepts the booking, you will be charged a full amount.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

Some boat owners may ask for a deposit to be paid upfront in order to cover for damages or losses that may occur during your stay and which are not covered by insurance.

No charges or authorizations will be made to the guests payment method unless the Boat Owner makes a claim. A Boat Owner has 48 hours after the checkout date to make a claim on the security deposit. 

Is there an insurance cover during my stay?

We recommend to get information from the boat owner about coverage of his insurance policy.

Where can I get help if something is not working on the boat?

Normally boat owners will have a service person available in the harbour that will help if something needs to be fixed or operational help is required.

What if I need to cancel a booking?

If, as a Guest, you cancel your booking within "Cooling-off period" of 14 days after the requested booking is confirmed by an Owner and you have made the payment, Boat Accommodation will refund the total fees for such booking and cancel any pre-authorization to your credit or debit card.

In case of cancellation after "Cooling-off" period expires, Boat Accommodation will charge Cancellation fee of 30% to the Guest from any amounts charged to your credit or debit card in connection with the requested booking.

What if the Boat Owner cancels the booking?

Boat Accommodation will fully refund the total fees for such booking.

If you wish to book an alternative boat available on Boat Accommodation, you can pay for the new booking (or transfer your credit over) at the rate that is offered by the new host.

Owner Questions

How can I join Boat Accommodation site?

You can become a Member of Boat Accommodation by signing up as the boat owner, then you may create a Listing.

What kind of images can I upload onto my page?

You can upload up to 20 images of your boat in all common formats, such as jpg, gif, png, etc. Portrait photos should be uploaded in portrait mode to be displayed correctly.

Can I change the rental price once I confirm the booking?

Once a Guest requests a booking of your Boat, the price for such booking cannot be altered.

How can I see who is requesting the booking?

Boat Accommodation will share with you the first and last name of the Guest who has requested the booking, and a link to the Guest’s Boat Accommodation Account profile page, so that you can view such information before confirming or rejecting the booking.

What happens if I am unable to confirm or reject a booking within 96h?

If the reservation has not been confirmed or rejected within 96 hour period upon receiving an email from Boat Accommodation, the booking request will be automatically cancelled.

When can I expect to receive the payment?

Boat Accommodation will initiate payment of the Rental Fee less Boat Accommodation’s Service Fee (10%)  to the Boat Owner two business days after the Guest arrives at the applicable Boat.

What if my Guest cancels the booking?

Each Boat Owner should permit the Guest to cancel the booking within Cooling-off period of 14 days once the payment is made, in which case Boat Accommodation will make a full refund to the Guest. However if cancellation is made by Guest after Cooling-off period of 14 days, Boat Accommodation will collect Cancellation fee of 30% from the total paid sum.

Can I request a Deposit?

As a Boat Owner you may place a request for deposit. A Boat Owner has 48 hours after the checkout date to make a claim on the security deposit 30%.